Here everything revolves around bricks

JR Bricks

JR Bricks is a place where all revolves around bricks. We are a small shop – created only out of the passion of two friends. Your purchases support our adventure and help us grow – thank you very much for that! We will be happy to hear the remainder the story written using our products – tag us on social media #jrbricksshop, and together we will bring some more joy into the world! All the best!

Norbert and Karol

Our offer

Bricks by the piece

In our store on the Bricklink platform, you can buy a missing brick for your set or replenish your supplies necessary to create your own projects. We offer only new bricks, stored in a storage room intended only for sorting and storing bricks.


Our auctions are full of minifigures ready for you to fill the world made of bricks. Check us out on Allegro!

Individual projects - B2B

At the request of companies and individuals, we prepare thematic mock-ups, copy the headquarters of companies, and create gift sets related to a given industry. It will certainly be an interesting and unique gift for all kinds of special events, such as advertising events, fairs, corporate Christmas meetings, thank-you presents for employees, etc.

Gifts made of bricks

In our store, we offer gifts, themed dioramas and occasional sets, which are perfect gifts not only for lovers of bricks.

Building MOCs?

If you create sets according to your own ideas, we will be happy to cooperate with you. Models according to your projects will appear in our store. Of course, you will receive a commission every time you sell a copy. We pay in cash or bricks.

Accessories and gadgets

Blisters for minifigures, plexiglass showcases, decor accessories and other accessories necessary for every brick lover.

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